Woo! Finally got a job! Today was my 5th or 6th day and woo what a life change! Complete 180! I was so used to sleeping at 2 a.m. every night but now I have to aim for 10:30 pm – 11 p.m. :/ I have to wake up at 5 a.m. because have to commute! The commuting life is SO NEW TO me that at first I was really worried that I would just not be comfortable with the daily 2 hour drive (1 hr. each way) but so far it has not been bad!  I’ve been blessed to have a 7 am – 4 pm shift so that I can avoid traffic so that has been a life-saver !



My post-bar is almost over.

T-two weeks until my unpaid post-bar “job” is over!

It will be over almost exact two weeks before I get back my bar results… I’m nervous but SO looking forward to spending two weeks of doing nothing! Hopefully I’ll finally be able to go on my honeymoon though but we’ll see…

I’m excited to finally have some well-deserved time-off as I’ve yet to take any off in the past 3.5 years! What about summers in law school you say? WELL… I took NO summers off and hardly any winter or spring intersessions off because I wanted to stay ahead and graduate on time. This will be one of the first times in my life where I’ll be able to FULLY relax and hopefully get around to doing everything I love to do for me. Can’t wait.


Life. Adjusted.

It’s been so long since I’ve written here that the whole page got updated while I was gone!

In the whole time of my absence I’ve been working for a legal firm (to remain unnamed for now) and been trying to adjust to my new school-free, bar-free life…

Let me tell you… It was not easy. It still isn’t.

I’ll start with the days right after the bar… Anxiety hit me like a TRUCK!! HEAD-ON!! It was the worst experience for me every! I was set to start my post-graduate job (up until I got my bar results) the Monday after the bar and I believe that just added to the stress. Anyways, I expected this time to be like everyone said–relaxing and just completely stress-free–especially because I had just finished the most stressful thing in my life thus far! The bar! They were wrong though! My brain could not stop thinking about the exam. About the things I was unsure of, about my future job, about my life and my new daily routine! What was my life going to look like now that I didn’t have to be chained to my books and online bar courses 24/7? Who was I going to be if not a neurotic law-student always preparing for class or the next exam? What the hell was I going to do in my free time?!

My anxiety during this period of adjustment was strange… I felt a strange out-of-body experience every single day until this anxiety subsided (which was about almost a whole three weeks later by the way). I tell you, I could not even sit on the couch with my husband and watch my favorite show… I felt like the couch was spinning and the only way I felt remotely better was if I closed my eyes and laid down.

I thought all this would simply evaporate as soon as my brain started getting busy again in my new post-bar job… But no… I was again, wrong.

I gracefully started by first day by getting a lovely panic attack *rolls eyes.* This was unexpected as I was not thinking about my anxiety while on the job. It came on so randomly but when I started thinking about it… Whatever I did here would no longer be a “fake case” to write about like in law school… Everything I said and researched would have to be 100% true because now it was being applied to real-life people and situations!

Let me also not get started on the time that I had to go home after work… Everyday seemed to go by so slow. Nothing will compare to how slow my first week out of law-school and bar-prep went… Longest five days of my life. I could not believe that this was my new life–going to work and then coming back home and nothing having anything to do (studywise). I know these sound like first-world problems (and they are) but it was a horrible period of anxiety for me.

With this I just want to let you all know that if you are feeling this way too, just know everything will be fine! Sounds cliché but it’s true… With time you WILL adjust and you WILL be able to find joy in your favorite hobbies, mine being reading, writing, traveling and painting. It will give you such joy to know that you can now go anywhere and not have the great burden and feeling of heaviness of knowing you have to study as soon as you’re home. You will be able to relax with friends and family and won’t feel guilty for “taking a day off” because now EVERYDAY is a day off from bar prep and studying!

I hope everyone had an easy time adjusting back to normal life after these three or so years of law school hermitness and bar prep… It’s quite the journey and experience but remember… This too shall pass. 😉 (just like you and I will pass the bar)!



Simulated MBE’s…

Need I say more?

BRUTAL. That’s what they are. I’m so glad our bar prep programs have us sit through either a 2-day or 3-day long simulated bar exam to build stamina. It def. would have sucked to go into the test with that being your first time sitting through two 6-hour days. If you’re not in a bar prep program I definitely recommend taking 2-3 days out of your schedule to take the 6-hour long essay/pt and MBE tests. They make a world of difference. Also, make sure you review all the reasons why a question is right or wrong.


Good luck to everyone in these final weeks! I hope we all pass!

My brain is tired.

I wish we could have a day off from bar prep, but is that possible?! NO.

I’m so burnt out but I guess this is what I have to keep doing… Does anyone else find it odd that bar prep programs don’t offer any days off after Christmas? Don’t we need a day of sanity? Or is their goal to drive us insane with material so we can word-vomit successfully on the day of the bar?



Anyways, here’s a picture of Amal Clooney… Cheesy but all it takes sometimes is to see your law idol in a suit to get you to study hard AF so that one day you too could kick-a** like her.


My first practice CA performance test.

I am SO nervous to start my first CA PT for the CA bar exam. I am now officially on week 4 of my program, I think (I’ve lost track of time/dates). I’ve read about 14 pages on supposedly all the basics of all there is to know on the CA PT test. I really like how everything I need to know will be given to me. Here are some tips that I picked up during my reading for anyone that is interested:

  1. Don’t rely on your past knowledge of the law–Remember that everything you need to know will be given to you. Bar examiners often change the law to make their own fictional one.
  2. Read cases given to you from earliest to most recent–This ensures that you’re seeing how the rule changes, is emphasized over time, or if any exceptions arise in subsequent decisions.
  3. Allocate your time wisely–You should be doing 90 mins on average just reading and outlining and then the last 90 mins on actual WRITING.
  4. Grammar matters! It won’t be the reason you fail but spelling and grammar are really important!
  5. RELAX! This is a LICENSING exam–You are simply trying to prove that you are READY to be a licensed attorney. Just take a deep breath and go for it–everyone is anxious to some extent and remember that it is better to feel anxious than to not feel any type of way AT ALL for the exam.

Good luck to all of us!

This week has been horrible.

I’ve been slowly falling behind on bar prep and I haven’t been able to wake up as early as I would like. It’s really hard to kick this nasty habit of being a night owl! I hate it now! Also, the fact that I had to go to the ER today to get my stomach checked out really set me back for this week’s assignments. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day and one in which I will be able to wake up early to do all of my piled-up assignments.

Awkwardly loving bar prep!


Woke up super early today (to my standards) and started bar prep. Man, nothing feels better than having finished an assingment before 8:30 a.m. Yes, I know, that may be late to some of you but I am a boana fide night owl! Slept until 3 a.m. almost everynight in college and 2-3 a.m. every night in law school. I tend to wake up a little later and end really really late (until next day). I am now trying to change that. May it be age? Or maybe it’s finally me realizing that I’m wasting precious hours of the day that I could get more done in!

Today marks the end of week 2 of bar prep for me. Week 1 consisted of all Contracts stuff and this week was Real Property. Gotta’ hate those mortgages… Why don’t we ever really cover that in law school? I know for me we barely touched on that, anyways. I’m grateful for the video lectures Themis offers to help explain the topic. I feel like I’m getting somewhere…

Like my title states, I’m awkwardly enjoying bar prep. Studying for the bar is a privilege, people! Think about it… Not a lot of people have the opportunity to continue their education let alone a legal education. I read an article during law school that stated that sitting for the bar exam was a privilege and that completely changed my perspective because IT IS. We are so fortunate to all be in this country that allows us to take out loans if we need to to better ourselves. I’m truly grateful to just have the opportunity to sit at home and dedicate the 8-12 hours/day of bar prep studying uninterrupted. I wish you all “bar preppers” a lot of luck during this time. We can do it!