My first practice CA performance test.

I am SO nervous to start my first CA PT for the CA bar exam. I am now officially on week 4 of my program, I think (I’ve lost track of time/dates). I’ve read about 14 pages on supposedly all the basics of all there is to know on the CA PT test. I really like how everything I need to know will be given to me. Here are some tips that I picked up during my reading for anyone that is interested:

  1. Don’t rely on your past knowledge of the law–Remember that everything you need to know will be given to you. Bar examiners often change the law to make their own fictional one.
  2. Read cases given to you from earliest to most recent–This ensures that you’re seeing how the rule changes, is emphasized over time, or if any exceptions arise in subsequent decisions.
  3. Allocate your time wisely–You should be doing 90 mins on average just reading and outlining and then the last 90 mins on actual WRITING.
  4. Grammar matters! It won’t be the reason you fail but spelling and grammar are really important!
  5. RELAX! This is a LICENSING exam–You are simply trying to prove that you are READY to be a licensed attorney. Just take a deep breath and go for it–everyone is anxious to some extent and remember that it is better to feel anxious than to not feel any type of way AT ALL for the exam.

Good luck to all of us!


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