The bane of my existence here in southern CA. I never really suffered from allergies, let alone year-long allergies until I move here to start law school. I used to think they were only seasonal but I noticed them trickling in to each season after season… So annoying…

I tried Claritin for a while because they are non-drowsy. Due to law school, I can’t afford anything that makes me drowsy. Every study day is valuable!

I went to see an allergy specialist after noticing that my allergies were bothering me continuously for over a year… YES, NON-STOP. I blow my nose about 50X (no joke) a day and I CANNOT breathe. I have a lovely runny nose all along with that too. Oh, not to mention teary eyes -_-. It’s too much when you’re trying to study.

After the suggestions of my specialist FAILED, I called my regular doctor to ask if she could see if it was a sinus infection. Due to the x-rays my specialist took, she determined there was nothing wrong with my sinuses. Boo. I was hoping it was just a sinus infection that could maybe be cured by antibiotics. She recommended Zyrtec + Flonase… I started Flonase and I LOVE IT. I’m not 100% okay BUT I have noticed a difference! I’ve yet to add on the Zyrtec because the pharmacist said that it may cause drowsiness (although it is labeled “non-drowsy”), but I’ll do so soon… I’m supposed to try everything for 10 days and get back to my doctor. I really hope this helps my symptoms…

Also, I’m really hoping that by moving out of this city, I will feel better… Well, maybe it’s not just the city but rather it may be my apartment… My symptoms seem to be WORSE inside the home… Sigh. No relief, but I will keep trying…


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