Been a while/Instagram mini-rant

Well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to blog anything! I’ve been really busy with keeping on top of my law assignments. Since it’s summer school everything is super condensed and the reading is just super insane.

Anyways, tonight I wanted to state why I’m off of Instagram (for now) and why I deleted the app and feel completely amazing about it.

Instagram, first of all, is a great app that magically makes the time fly by looking at aesthetically pleasing photographs, however, I believe there is also a very superficial and “dark” side (for the lack of a better word) to our beloved IG. I honestly got so so so so super tired of just seeing a million selfies of people all trying to achieve a similar look. You know that “bad bitch” maybe also I-wanna-be-Kim-K-so-bad look that so many are trying to perfect? Yea, that. It seems like social media only reflects all the good in someone’s life/narcissist pictures of them for no reason. Now, this may not be the case for everyone, I know, but this is just how I feel right now, you dig? I’m not trying to bash on anyone whatsoever but to me, collectively, I got so tired of seeing a superficial world everytime I endlessly scrolled that app. I got so tired of it that I mustered up the “courage,” because we all know how addicting it is, to delete the app and not just delete but deactivate my IG account. Yes, you read that right. MAJOR self-control right? I didn’t want people to look at my page nor did I want to look at others. So so much time of my day was wasted on scrolling that app. I would literally start my day in bed scrolling through it! UGH! Pathetic. Apart from the whole superficial life/look at me bragging about X, Y, Z that I saw, I was just too tired of catching myself spend hours on the app when I could have done something else with my day.

I used to envy my fiancé because he never got that app nor snapchat but then I realized that I too could live a cool, peaceful life filled with REAL-LIFE experiences as opposed to sitting there or being too busy trying to capture the “right moment” to post it only to show off on my page. That’s all the app is in my opinion. When do you ever see someone posting their times of loneliness, solitude, depression or something they’re struggling with? Almost NEVER. Social media is vastly a platform where we arrange our lives to try to show the world that our life is super cool. We’re almost begging to be liked.

I know a lot of you don’t share my opinion but for those that do, cool, I like that we both see the same thing as of now. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I do miss seeing what my friends are up to, but as for now I’m taking a nice, long break from IG. Maybe I’ll eventually be back on, but maybe I won’t, we shall see.

If you don’t share my sentiment, let me know what you think of IG! There’s no bashing or disrespecting here, I love seeing what everyone thinks.

Also, here’s an interesting read that relates to what I wrote today:

Image by Huffington Post.

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