How sad is it that the Pride festivals and parades are now a thing to fear due to Orlando? It’s awful how much hate exists in some individuals. To be honest though, sometimes I find it really hard to believe that one person can hate so much. I wonder how one can be made to have such hate–if that is indeed something to believe in. I mostly think that these people aren’t so much full of hate as they are mentally insane/ill, for the lack of a better phrase. Am I right? Or what does everyone think? Do you think that someone could be filled with so much hate or do you believe that something must just be so OFF in their heads to be able to commit such a crime?

This also has me wondering about the current news of the female that shot her two daughters in cold blood in Texas. How could one do such a thing? The first thought that I had as soon as I read this news was, I bet this mother thinks that because she “gave” them life, she could as easily take it away as well… It’s interesting to see how she was instantly shot by the police too… The news reports that the motive is still unclear but that deputies had been sent to the home before. One neighbor is anonymously interviewed and he states something along the lines of him being unable to believe that this happened. He claims to have believed the family to be such a good family and is honestly shocked at what transpired.

Life is just really unbelievably sad sometimes.

I’m still really sad over Poussey from OITNB. Episode 12 and 13 were gut-wrenchingly sad and devastating but so so well acted and done. There was so much thought that went into every scene of the last two episodes in terms of relating it to #BlackLivesMatter. I think they definitely got their point across. Again, this all relates to previous thoughts I’ve had (see Corruption post). It’s sometimes hard to believe that people who are entrusted with other people’s lives, in this case inmates, have no regard for their lives and treat them as if they were less human than any one else. The only difference in my eyes is that they committed a crime they shouldn’t have and they made a mistake. One can punish and still do it in a humane way. Those women are there to serve their time not to die accidentally over someone’s negligence. I found this picture on Twitter and it really resonated with me and made the episode much more valuable in my eyes:

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.15.48 PM

I hope everyone is safe during their Pride celebrations. I can’t even watch a Live video of one on Facebook without wanting to tear up…


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