Summer is here but don’t let there be fear.

This Summer is going to be a HOT ONE out here on the West Coast so everyone PLEASE take care of yourselves. Get yourself a bottle to refill with water so you can know to finish it at least once or twice a day and just make sure you are all eating well. There’s nothing worse than feeling weak or anxious on a hot day.

This weekend my mother spent the day in the hospital. She is ok, thank goodness but she was there because she kind of really does not take great care of herself, which of course, makes me sad because we live about 4-5 driving hours away. Anyways, she’s going through some things in her life that have been making her REALLY anxious and she does not know how to deal with that well. She doesn’t eat very well throughout her day and fails to drink a lot of water. I keep telling her ways to take care of herself but she really hasn’t been paying attention. Anyways, today as I was driving back home I started to feel really anxious over what had occurred and how powerless I felt because I couldn’t go up to visit her this weekend. I let the thoughts get to my head and well then I started to feel the anxiety. I also figured I might have been dehydrated or just suffering from low blood pressure or something so I chugged some cold water and took three bites of chocolate and tried to relax my mind. In the end, it ended up working really well and now I’m happy as a clam.

Point of everything is making sure we all keep calm no matter how tough situations can be because chances are, we don’t have much control over a lot of things anyways. The most important thing we can do is stay healthy and just take deep breaths. Life gets overwhelming but just try to focus on the things that make you happy and look at the big picture as opposed to focusing on your current situation. The quote that always helps me out whenever I feel anxious is this: Well.. Something like this… “Don’t make your temporary situation your entire life in your mind. This too shall pass.” Hope it helps. TTYL, class is about to start…


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