Refer back to my “Corruption” post. Btw huge spoiler alert coming right now so stop reading if you haven’t seen all of OITNB.

Suzanne tho. The fighting tho. The corrupt guards!!! OMG why do people like that exist? I forget the crazy guards name who made Maritza eat the nasty… You know what BUT DAMN, why is he so OFF in the head?! It literally just blows my mind. And Lolly, UGH the sadness she gives me. It’s so sad that there isn’t enough help for the mentally insane people in this world. It’s so sad especially if they’ve committed a crime.

I LOST IT when Lolly was sent to Psych 😥 Mr. Healy looked so sad like he had failed her ugh. This season has definitely surpassed the rest in my opinion. Anyways, time to exit out of Netflix and get back to reading for Community Property before class starts later on today…


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