#OITNB has me thinking a lot. This might sound really naïve but I’ve never imagined there being corruption between correctional officers in jails/prisons. I know, stupid of me right? I’m sure it’s out there and just because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Growing up in a world where my whole life has revolved around academics I haven’t really had a lot of time in the “real-world” (college kids, I’m speaking to you). It’s this notion that were sheltered from the real world because we live in a fantasy bubble where all we do is basically eat, sleep, party, and study. Our whole lives and existence revolve around passing tests and looking forward to attending the next academic institution. So pardon me for being naïve. I truly recognize it though.

The scene that prompted thoughts was the one where Nichols has to “pay” something to a guard in order to receive a baggie of drugs. A guard that seemed so put together and incapable of such a thing was actually one that charged for her services–aka sneaking in drugs by expecting head in return. I never thought about CO corruption but I’m sure this stuff happens out there, I suppose I just can’t understand why. I like to think that I don’t like to really trust a lot but I really do in the end. I trusted that our jail/prison system would take care of their inmates and just do their job, not make inmates be worse off… I’m very conflicted… Anyways, thought it to be smart to type my naïve thought away. Again, I’m sure not everyone in this position is out there, but I’m sure there’s some. Where else would these ideas of corruption for the show come from??



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